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Passenger Counting System (PCS)

Passenger Counting System offers real-time vehicle passenger counting for transit operators & passengers to check the information of seat vacancies at their fingertips.

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Passenger Counting System (PCS)

Equip with sensors which are designed to be accurate and reliable, ensuring that all passengers are counted properly with less deviation.


Records passenger data, including entry and exit times, to provide transportation providers with detailed information that can be used to optimize service delivery.


Manage passenger flow and optimize operations, ensuring that they are providing adequate service while minimizing costs.


Customized reports can be used by transportation providers to make informed decisions about route planning, vehicle utilization, and service optimization.

Monitor Your Opacity

Optimize user experience with TapToPay's Passenger Counting System (PCS)

TapToPay's Passenger Counting System (PCS) in a Fleet Management System offers valuable insights, operational efficiency, improved safety, and enhanced customer experience. It empowers fleet managers to make data-driven decisions, optimize resources, and deliver better services to passengers.

Real-time passenger counting

TapToPay's Passenger Counting System can be installed in buses, trains, and other vehicles to accurately count the number of passengers entering and exiting the vehicle. This allows transportation companies to monitor passenger traffic in real-time, adjust their services accordingly, and improve the overall passenger experience.

Real-time passenger counting

Historical data tracking

TapToPay's Passenger Counting System enable transportation companies to track passenger traffic over time. Transportation companies can monitor trends, identify peak travel times, and adjust their services based on demand. This helps transportation companies to optimize their services, reduce costs, and improve the overall performance of their transportation system.

Historical data tracking

Occupancy monitoring

TapToPay's Passenger Counting System enable transportation companies to monitor the occupancy levels of their vehicles in real-time. With real-time occupancy monitoring, transportation companies can ensure that their vehicles are not overcapacity, reducing the risk of accidents and improving passenger safety.

Occupancy monitoring

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