Payment Solution

Value-stored Close-loop Solution

TapToPay's smart card payment solution comes with a smart card reader and supports contactless payment technology for fast and easy payment processing.

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Value-stored Close-loop Solution


Use TapToPay's smart card system to enable payment with a variety of features designed to make your payment experience easy and convenient.


Utilize NFC technology to realize quick and secured payment.
Advanced backend management platform for simple but detailed operation.
Easy to top-up through well designed online and offline equipments.

Faster transaction time compared to cash and other payment methods


Reduces the need for cash, which is more vulnerable to theft and loss


A versatile payment option used for multiple purposes, such as transit and retailing


Provides enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities for businesses and organizations

Just A Tap

Simplify your commute with TapToPay's Smart Card payment system

TapToPay's Smart Card Payment Solution offers a reusable and customizable solution for fare payment, while also providing advanced features such as real-time transaction processing, revenue management, and passenger traffic analysis for different usage scenes such as transit, retail stores, CRM program as well as door access.

Customizable fare configuration

TapToPay's Smart Card Payment Solution supports customizable card type and fare configuration for different categories of users and passengers, such as adults, children, elderly, VIP etc, our solution enables card operator to tailor their membership type as well as fare pricing to meet their specific needs.

Customizable fare configuration

Real-time transaction processing

TapToPay's Smart Card Payment Solution includes real-time transaction processing, enabling passengers to pay for their fares quickly and efficiently. Our system processes payments in real-time, providing passengers with instant payment confirmation and reducing the time it takes to complete a transaction.

Real-time transaction processing

Advanced revenue management

TapToPay's Smart Card Payment Solution optimize their fare collection operations and maximize their revenue. Our system provides real-time fare collection data, passenger traffic analysis, and revenue management tools, enabling operators to make data-driven decisions and improve efficiency.

Advanced revenue management


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