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Automated Fare Collection (AFC)

TapToPay offers flexible and customizable software design, allowing merchants to tailor their payment systems to their specific needs.

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Automated Fare Collection (AFC)


TapToPay's Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline fare collection for transportation companies, making it easier and more efficient for passengers to pay for their tickets.


Support close-loop smart card operation, allowing passengers to store their fare value on a reusable card.
Using their mobile devices to pay fare through a mobile payment app or by scanning a QR code.
Contactless payment terminals that enable passengers to tap their smart card or mobile device to pay for their fare

Eliminates the need for passengers to carry cash or paper tickets, making it easier and more efficient for them to pay for their fare


Passengers enjoy a hassle-free payment experience that is tailored to their needs


Reduce the cost of fare collection for transportation companies, both cash handling and reducing the risk of fraud


Provide valuable data analytics on passenger behavior, such as the number of passengers, peak travel times, and popular destinations

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Simplify fare payment and streamline your operations

TapToPay's AFC system provides transportation companies with a comprehensive solution for fare collection and management.

Customized Smart Card

TapToPay's AFC system includes a customized reusable Smart Card system that enables passengers to easily and securely pay for their fares. Our Smart Card system can be customized to meet the specific needs of transportation companies, including branding, fare structures, and loyalty programs.

Customized Smart Card

Contactless payment solution

TapToPay's AFC system enables passengers to pay for their fares with a simple tap of their card or mobile device. Our contactless payment solution, including Smart Card, QR Code, Mobile & Credit Card Payment, is designed to be fast, secure, and convenient, reducing the time it takes for passengers to pay for their fares and improving the overall passenger experience

Contactless payment solution

Integrated management system

TapToPay's AFC system enables transportation companies to manage transaction more efficiently. Our system includes advanced features such as real-time fare collection data, passenger traffic analysis, and revenue management, enabling transportation companies to optimize their operations and improve their bottom line.

Integrated management system


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