Contactless Card

Smart Card & Smart Card Operation System

TapToPay provides contactless cards which meet the security requirements of these applications via multilevel secured access hierarchy.

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Secure Access Module Card

The ACOS6-SAM card securely stores cryptographic keys and uses these keys to compute cryptograms for other applications or smart cards. Using this, terminals need not know the master key(s) of an application, considering that the keys never leave the ACOS6-SAM. Designed and Manufactured by Advanced Card System Limited (ACS), a sister company of Taptopay Limited.


Contactless Cards

Contactless smart cards cater to many applications encompassed by contact smart cards, but allows faster and more convenient operation by eliminating the need for contact between the card and the reader.

Technical Data Sheet of Mifare Classic 1K CardTechnical Data Sheet of Mifare Classic 4K CardTechnical Data Sheet of Mifare DESFire EV1
MIFARE image

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