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Fleet Management System (FMS)

Streamline and optimize your fleet operations with our advanced fleet management system.

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Fleet Management System (FMS)

Monitor driver behavior in real-time, so they can ensure that their drivers are driving safely and responsibly, like speeding, harsh braking, and aggressive driving.


Provide users with information about the maintenance needs of their vehicles, keeping their vehicles in good working order and avoid breakdowns.


Allow users to optimize their routes and schedules, so they can minimize travel time and fuel cost


Provide users with detailed reporting capabilities, tracking the performance of their fleet over time and identify areas for improvement.

Manage Fleet Organized

Stay on track with TapToPay's Fleet Management System (FMS)

TapToPay's Fleet Management System (FMS) is designed to help transportation companies take control of their fleets and drive success, gain real-time insights, improve efficiency, and reduce costs with powerful features such as GPS tracking, route optimization, maintenance scheduling, and comprehensive reporting.

Device (GPS logging) Management

TapToPay's Fleet Management System (FMS) enable transportation and logistics operators to track and manage their vehicles in real-time. With GPS logging, operators can monitor the location of their vehicles, track their movements, and ensure that they are following the designated routes.

Device (GPS logging) Management

Real Time Geo-fencing feature

TapToPay's Fleet Management System (FMS) is equipped with Geo-fencing function, capable to enhance security, optimize routes, and improve operational efficiency with real-time notifications and data-driven insights. Take control of your fleet and drive cost savings and productivity.

Real Time Geo-fencing feature

Manage operation routes and vehicle maintenance

Efficiently managing routes and vehicle maintenance through a fleet management system offers cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer service. Optimize routes to reduce fuel costs and minimize vehicle wear, while proactive maintenance scheduling ensures reliable performance and minimizes downtime, able to streamline operations, save money, and deliver better service with effective route and maintenance management.

Manage operation routes and vehicle maintenance

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