DC Standalone 40KW/60KW

for Commercial-Use

A Moderate-Speed Charging spot specially designed for commercial use at charging stations or car parks with charging service. With its robust construction and advanced charging technology, compact and sleek design allows for easy integration into existing charging station infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to offer convenient and efficient charging services to their customers.

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DC Standalone 40KW/60KW

Commercial design: classic stand-alone design, stable mounting, user friendly interface.


Robust with excellence: IP 54 water/dust resistance, good durability in outdoor environment.


Safety: overcurrent protection, over/under voltage protection, emergency stop, insulation faliure protection, reversed battery connection protection, etc.

Terminal Specification

Product Model
EVDCY40-1/2 / EVDCY60-1/2
stand alone
Dimension (mm)
Weight (kg)
Output (KW)
40KW / 60KW
Charging Gun
l, 2
Charing Gun Type
7-inch touch screen
Start Mode
RFID card, password, QR code
Charging Mode
auto full, time mode, capacity mode, amount mode, reservation mode
Network Connection
4G, Ethernet, WiFi
Input Power
400Vac ± 10% (A, B, C, N, PE) / <61A / <91A
Maximal Efficiency
Power Factor
Inputting Harmonics
Rated Output Voltage (V)
200V ~1000V
Rated Output Current (A)
53A / 80A
Max Output Current (A)
100A / 150A
Charging Cable Length (M)
5M (standard configuration)


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