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Open-loop Payment Solution

TapToPay's Open-Loop payment solution provides a secure and convenient way for customers to make payments by using credit cards.

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Open-loop Payment Solution


TapToPay's payment terminals are able to support various credit card payments, enable a quick and secure way to make payments with credit cards for shopping and transit.


Compatible with a variety of credit card payment network.
Latest encryption technology and fraud prevention measures to maximize system security and reliability.
Flexible customization on seamless integration with various systems and platforms.

Provide fast and secure user experience with various credit card payment methods.


Offers cash back rewards and other incentives for cardholders, making it a more rewarding payment option


Eliminates the need for a PIN or signature, making it a faster and more convenient payment option.


Accepts merchants from various industries, provide  seamless payment experience wherever you go.

Safe And Pay

Hassle-free fare payment with TapToPay's Credit Card Solution

TapToPay's Credit Card Payment Solution enables businesses to accept credit card payments in real-time, providing customers with a seamless payment experience, whether they're in a retail store, at a vending machine, or at an EV charger

Fast payment processing

TapToPay's Credit Card Payment Solution includes fast payment processing, enabling businesses to process credit card payments quickly and efficiently. Our system supports real-time transaction processing, providing customers with instant payment confirmation and reducing the time it takes to complete a transaction.

Fast payment processing

Customizable System Integration

Unlock the potential of seamless connectivity with TapToPay's customizable system integration solution. Tailored to your unique requirements, Taptopay's expert team will seamlessly integrate your systems, applications, and processes. Experience enhanced productivity, improved data accuracy, and streamlined operations.

Customizable System Integration

Advanced security features

TapToPay's Credit Card Payment Solution includes advanced security features that ensure the safety and integrity of customers' credit card data. Our system uses industry-standard encryption algorithms to protect customers' data at rest and in transit, making it nearly impossible for unauthorized users to access their data.

Advanced security features


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