System Highlights

System Highlights

TapToPay's Research & Development Centre, home to over 100 in-house experts with extensive experiences in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), smart card security, and electronic purse applications, is dedicated to the innovation in AFC technology and perfection of AFC solutions to meet the needs of highly competitive and fast-paced markets. TapToPay pledges to deliver feature-rich AFC systems using the latest technologies in the field.

TapToPay AFC solutions are flexible, scalable, and easily adopted. The system, including hardware and software, can be enhanced after deployment to fit the changing needs of customers in line with the customers’ growth. In addition to key features illustrated, TapToPay also provides a collection of value-added services to complement and enrich our customers’ businesses.



Multi-issuer, Multi-Acquirer & Multi-application

Many AFC or electronic purse applications start with a single issuer and single merchant. Over time, these may be expanded to include other participants, be it a multi-modal transport system or retail outlets, convenient stores, parking, or vending machines and so forth.
The TapToPay Central Computer System is therefore crucial in supporting clearing for multiple service providers as well as multiple card issuers and acquirers, in addition to settlements among participants.
A smart card cryptography key –based security design, coupled with backend auditing ensures the utmost security and generates high levels of confidence and trust between participants.

Offline Reload & Fund Transfer

An advantage of using a smart card in AFC solutions is that a smart card allows transactions to be done securely without relying on an online infrastructure. In places where such infrastructure is not always be available, debit and reload transactions need to be carried out offline. A Security Access Module (SAM) and Activation Card System is implemented to limit the risk of offline reloading and prevent fraud and theft. In all TapToPay AFC solutions, every single dollar of electronic money is accounted for at all times.

Auto & Deferred Reload

The Auto and Deferred Reload System allow cardholders to send instructions remotely to reload non-anonymous AFC cards, tied to cardholders, via SMS, USSD and web portals. Actual reloading is realised when the cards are presented at the front-end terminals.