Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile



Backed by over 20 years of experience in the smart card industry, TapToPay delivers intelligent and innovative electronic purse solutions to clients across the globe.

With a strong emphasis on developing new technologies through its Research & Development Centre and continued excellence in the quality of its product, TapToPay provides revolutionary yet scalable and flexible solutions to public transport companies and merchants anywhere. The TapToPay solution has empowered clients in Asia, Africa, and North and South America to rise to their unique business challenges.




We aim to make life easier, by providing state of the art, integrated transport and retail micro payment solutions to dynamically enhance the efficiency of payment and fare collection. Our solutions deliver exceptional value and allow our customers to expand their customer base with ease, radically increase efficiency, and significantly reduce operation costs.



Our Values


We are committed to provide a secure and trustworthy electronic purse system. Our system is protected by multiple layers of security, and a constantly evolving design allows us to prevent, mitigate, and neutralise any fraud.



We wish to bring our highly scalable and adaptable technology to customers in any country, of any size. We always anticipate and satisfy our customers’ needs.



Our partners are one of our greatest assets, and maintaining long-term relationships with a network of suppliers and customers is of paramount importance to us. We promise to act with integrity, transparency, and honesty, and ask the same in return.




We will be a world leading electronic purse solution provider through developing state-of-the-art technologies, and delivering quality, customer-oriented service. Our aim is to transform the present and shape the future, where every city can be a cashless society.